Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consolidated Data Services (CDS)?

Consolidated Data Services (CDS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omnicom.   CDS provides a centralized information technology service for all DAS agencies around the globe.

What is the role of the data centers in CDS’ services?

CDS’ data centers offer state-of-the-art secure data hosting with 24/7 on-site security, monitoring, hands-on support, and multilayered firewalls.

Does CDS have a central operations hub?

CDS’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is in Dallas, Texas, and is the central IT hub for all CDS operations globally.  CDS’s data centers in Phoenix, Atlanta, and London serve as second and third layer back-up centers for NOC.

How does CDS ensure the data is secure?

Cyber-threats to agency and client information are a top concern, so safeguarding information and keeping data secure is a pillar of CDS’ practice.  The CDS Security Operations Center monitors data feeds using the most advanced technology of its kind, backed by a dedicated data team tracking team.

The security team identifies and manages emerging threats to DAS agencies and their clients.  Regardless of the type of data, where it is stored, or how it is accessed, the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of data are maintained.

How does CDS store data?

CDS offers a reliable, geo-redundant solution for DAS agencies and their clients by storing data in both Phoenix and Atlanta. The data centers have multiple backup generators and fully redundant power paths supplied by two separate power grids that are run by multiple companies. The secure network infrastructure contains fully-redundant Internet access points with automatic failover and a zoned network strategy in which access to different networks are all separately firewalled.

What is CDS’ position around emerging technology?

In addition to having a resilient, secure IT infrastructure, CDS is also at the forefront of evolving technology trends and the latest solutions. This is essential in a world where digital technology is at the core of most marketing and communications programs. The forward-thinking IT professionals of CDS ensure that DAS agencies are always deploying the most cutting-edge technology on behalf of their clients – built upon a secure, stable, and resilient infrastructure.

How do you ensure privacy laws are not violated when managing our data?

CDS takes data privacy very seriously and is fully compliant with international and national privacy laws.

How long does the onboarding take?

Typically it takes 90 days for an agency to be fully onboarded.

What is the charge for CDS’ ongoing services? 

The cost of CDS services is based on the number of employees and services required. Charges are negotiated between the agency and CDS.

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